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The Hesstia Group Relocation offers a personalized, white glove approach to moving.

Our multidisciplinary team of relocation specialists uses their expertise to provide each client with the services they need to settle in and feel at home sooner. Our mission is to build a plan that creates a seamless and stress-free transition to a new home, city, town, neighborhood or job.

Relocation Services We Offer:

Pre-Move Consultation

Before getting started, we schedule an initial meeting to establish your needs and interests. Once the parameters of the move are established, we use our extensive knowledge of the moving process to create and tailor a plan that matches our client’s unique needs.

In order to ensure the final relocation plan is customized precisely to our client, we use the following questions to guide the process:

  • City, town, or rural
  • Family, couple or single
  • Walkable town
  • Proximity to work
  • Restaurants, shops or attractions
  • Schools – public or private
  • Places of worship
  • Commute by train or car
  • Type, style and size of home


Using the information gathered from our pre-move consultation, our relocation specialists identify, evaluate, and make recommendations for prospective homes. Collaborating with local resources, we find and secure the right home in the right neighborhood that checks all the boxes.

The Hesstia Group finds the perfect fit by:

  • Creating comprehensive customized town/city guides to correlate with interests and requirements
  • Conducting virtual, video and in-person tours of potential towns/cities
  • Collaborating with real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and other service providers
  • Pre-screening prospective homes


Before the move is underway, our support specialists coordinate all aspects of the move from providing estimates and hiring a moving company, conducting pre-pack purging and organizing, itemizing, inventorying, and packing to ensure a seamless and stress-free move. Our white glove departure services include managing and coordinating all aspects of the move, out of the old home and into the new home.

Additional services may include:

  • Gather and present multiple moving company estimates
  • Prepare existing items in preparation for new home
  • Create a floor plan and furniture placement to best utilize current items and identify any areas of need in the new home
  • Provide a tracking list for each packed box

Settling In Services

Once the movers are gone, the Hesstia Group specialists handle all the remaining details, to ensure the home is walk-in ready. Our goal for our client’s arrival in their new home is for them to feel at home as soon as they open the door for the first time. Final details are based on each client’s individual relocation plan, but our specialists can:

  • Unpack, organize, and arrange all furniture and household items making the most of the new space
  • Coordinate any and all utility set up prior to the client’s arrival
  • Stock and set up home in preparation for client’s first day and night
  • Manage any additional final touches as directed by the client’s needs or interests

Post-Move Support

A new home in an unfamiliar area doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Let us show you around and connect you with the resources you need to feel comfortable in your new home and neighborhood. Our relocation specialists compile specialized lists, directories and community connections that align with each client’s interests. We have you covered whether you need:

  • A list of doctors, service providers, handymen, landscapers, grocery stores, restaurants, places of worship, sports teams, recreation centers, daycares, etc.
  • Introduction to local families and community members
  • Public transportation & commuting resources
  • A customized tour of the new neighborhood, town and surrounding area
  • Networking and employment assistance

Temporary Housing

A new job in a new city may mean finding temporary or short-term housing for you and your family. Our team has the expertise to find you what you need. Any move whether it is temporary or permanent necessitates much of the same planning. As such, we offer services similar to those in our relocation packages, including:

  • Identify and secure short term housing options
  • Facilitate any necessary shipping, storage or furniture rentals
  • Provide a customized move-in guide of the area
  • Designate the best commuting routes or public transportation options
  • Assist in coordinating service installation for internet, cable, utilities

Documentation Support

Whether you move within the state, to a neighboring state, cross country, or internationally, our specialists can help facilitate the process for all your documentation needs. As part of your relocation, The Hesstia Group can help you secure whatever documents are needed.

  • Temporary and permanent US visas
  • Social security cards
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Car registration
  • Customs information
  • Banking and insurance services
  • Tax professionals and estate planning

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