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Suburban Settlers is Changing the Employee Relocation Experience

Written by hesstiaAdmin

Approximately seven million people in the US relocate each year because of work, which means a lot of employees and families are dealing with the overwhelming stress and fatigue of being uprooted.  We want to help ease that stress. Our team at Suburban Settlers understand that people need to make personal connections, know their surroundings and have a sense of belonging in order to feel at home.

This year about 70% of U.S. companies will relocate employees and new hires.  Many corporations use relocation management companies (RMCs) to coordinate the logistics of an employee move.  RMCs provide services like packing, moving, transferring vehicles, temporary housing and an introduction to a realtor.  After dealing with the upheaval of my own relocation, I created Suburban Settlers, a program that works in tandem with RMC’s.  We are not a relocation company, but a service that is designed to help families get integrated into their community faster and easier.  The biggest stressors in moving are getting to know a new area, home set-up, integrating the kids into schools and finding basic resources like service professionals, child care, pet care and doctors.  If a family has special needs like mental health, physical therapies or elder care these services can also be time-consuming to find.

Suburban Settlers recognizes that every individual and family have unique needs.  We offer a highly customized plan that includes schools, doctors, activities, gyms, pet services, markets, specialty care, classes/lessons/tutoring and all the other resources the family needs.  But that’s only one part of the service.   The program also incorporates a half day tour that shows new arrivals the streets, hotspots,  restaurants, shops, parks, houses of worship and more.  This personalized tour gives the family a thorough introduction to the area and how to get to all the places they will frequent in their day-to-day lives.

Our service is all about the personal touch, and our team is always just a phone call away to answer any questions.  Newcomers now have a local friend they can rely on!  Suburban Settlers will even make personal introductions to help kids set up playdates and assist the family in joining clubs and civic organizations.

Suburban Settlers also offers additional services like a Home to Desk Tour.  This service maps out the best routes for the employee to travel to and from work.  Then, a Suburban Settlers team member will take them on a trial run.  Whether it’s driving the highway and then catching a bus or taking the train from Bergen County to Manhattan, this guided tour shows the new employee the exact route to travel from their front door to desk with the comfort of having a guide.

Starting a new job can be very hectic and time-consuming.  Suburban Settlers offers in-home concierge services where our staff will meet service professionals to help with home set-up.  We will be on hand while movers place furniture in rooms or IT professionals wire the cable and sound system.  Our company also provides a list of pre-approved professionals so clients can be sure they are hiring someone reliable and reputable.

Our plan and services are ideal incentives to offer potential candidates as part of their relocation package.  We hope that our services will be useful corporations, their employees and their family to make relocating easier because they know they have a contact in the area they can rely on for guidance.